descriptionVINE Is Not Emacs
last changeWed, 26 Aug 2020 05:57:39 +0000 (17:57 +1200)
2020-08-26 Miles RoutA wide variety of changes (the perfect commit) master
2020-08-26 Miles RoutImprove strings and allocators
2020-08-26 Miles RoutSwitch entirely to 64-bit hashing
2020-08-23 Miles RoutExtend and clean up object system
2020-08-23 Miles RoutAdd sanitiser build mode (asan/ubsan)
2020-08-23 Miles RoutCompletely rework object system
2020-08-22 Miles RoutWIP
2020-08-22 Miles RoutDocumentation/formatting changes
2020-06-29 Miles RoutWIP
2020-06-13 Miles RoutAdd prerequisites to 'tags' target in Makefile
2020-06-13 Miles RoutFix printf-style format warnings
2020-06-13 Miles RoutRename 'system' to 'subsystem' in log (sub)system
2020-06-13 Miles RoutMove container_of macro to a new header
2020-06-12 Miles RoutChange README and docs/
2020-06-12 Miles RoutMove to intrusive queue system
2020-02-22 Miles RoutRename fibre_queue to fibre_store
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