2019-11-25 Miles RoutContinue 'poison pattern' with malloc and friends master
2019-11-25 Miles RoutSplit printf.h according to 'poison pattern'
2019-11-25 Miles RoutCreate proper error handling functions
2019-11-25 Miles RoutAdd error handling around fprintf call
2019-11-25 Miles RoutBegin assembler
2019-11-25 Miles RoutCreate docs/
2019-11-25 Miles RoutMove VM into vm/
2019-11-25 Miles RoutAdd ctags to Makefile
2018-09-11 Miles RoutUpdate to C89
2018-09-11 Miles RoutAdd mandelbrot fractcal generator to examples
2018-09-05 Miles RoutFurther changes
2018-09-05 Miles RoutAdd README
2018-09-05 Miles RoutFinish implement DFPU-17 instructions
2018-09-05 Miles RoutStart implementing DFPU-17 instructions
2018-09-05 Miles Routdfpu17: Unpack instructions
2018-09-04 Miles RoutSplit status and load status
2018-09-04 Miles RoutUpdate DFPU-17
2018-09-04 Miles RoutAdd DFPU-17
2018-09-04 Miles RoutMore stuff
2018-09-01 Miles RoutLittle update
2018-08-31 Miles RoutImplement LEM1802 with SDL
2018-08-29 Miles RoutChange more things
2017-10-30 Miles RoutCh-ch-ch-changes
2017-10-29 Miles RoutInitial commit